Got man boobs? Discover 3 things that are causing them!

Take a look at my video as I share 3 things that are causing the unwanted "man boobs." 

Cryo what?

Are you aware of the benefits of Cryotherapy? I wasn't until today! Wow, helps reduce inflammation, rid the body of lactic acid, recover from injuries, and much more! I'm all about natural health solutions!  If you are in the Destin, FL area go check out Cryo850!

5 Tips for Mindful Eating

Have you ever shoved down your food so fast you feel miserable? How about multi-tasking (I'm guilty of this one) while eating and not realizing how much you've eaten. Or you finish eating so quickly you are still hungry so you go back for more only to be uncomfortable? I address 5 ways to avoid the "mindless" eating! This will help you stay on track with your health and wellness goals! I'd love to hear if you have any of these issues!

Yours in health,

3 Simple Tips to Banish the "Holiday Hangover!"

3 Simple Tips to Banish the "Holiday Hangover!"
The holidays can be rough. As fun and wonderful asl it is to spend time with family and friends, it took a toll on me this year. I feel sluggish, bloated, and ready to get my groove back. In this video I share three simple tips to help you have success!

I’m sharing a secret most people don’t know about me😊. Plus a tip on making a difference!

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